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Steam Turbine
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Steam Turbine Service - Centralign®

Best Partner to improve reliability of the steam turbines

Range of steam turbine service

  • Turbine internal flow parts alignment
  • Bearing alignment
  • Inner and outer casings alignment
  • Alignment regarding documentation spec including rotor
    deflection values
  • Optimization because of corretions
  • Centerline optimalization & coupling alignment optimalization

Features of our services :

  • Between 2-4 hours after starts we provide complete report with "as found" turbine condition data
  • 500 MW turbine full alignment with Tops ON/OFF condition, with all bearing alignment take only 10 days

Sample applications

  • Europe:
    • BiH (LMZ, Alstom, Skoda)
    • Czech Republic (Skoda)
    • France (GE, Alstom)
    • Germany (SIEMENS, Alstom)
    • Italy (GE, Ansaldo, N.Pignone)
    • Poland (Siemens, ABB, Alstom, LMZ)
    • Romania (GE-Nuclear)
    • Spain (GE, Alstom, Nuclear)
    • UK (GE)
    • Yugoslavia (Alstom, ABB)
    • Kosovo (Alstom, LMZ)
  • Asia:
    • China (GE, Westingouse, LMZ)
    • Japan (Mitsubishi)
    • Korea (GE-KPS)
    • India (Alstom, BHEL-Skoda)
    • Pakistan (GE, Mitsubishi)

Laser alignment

  • Works simultaneously with overhauling crew
  • Correction reports (each step)
  • Supervising mechanical works

Turbine vibration analysis

  • Vibration condition measurement
  • Orbit analysis
  • Start-up and Shut-down measurement
  • On-site balancing
  • Low speed balancing

Turbine Shaft Alignment

  • Steam and gas turbines train alignment
  • Correction optimization
  • Professional reports

Improvement in efficiency of turbines

Striving for improvement in efficiency of high-power turbines leads to continuous minimizing of clearances in the flow part and the steam seals. This means that a higher level of precision of the relative alignment of every element is achieved. Additionally, continuous power growth of single blocks results in higher costs of the machines standing idle, which as a consequence leads to increased pressure in the need to reduce the time taken for the overhaul.

Our guarantees

Perfect alignment using the CENTRALlGN@ systems, supported by our knowledge and experience, offers:

  • Improvement of efficiency of energetic units
  • Cutting down the duration of overhauls
  • No necessity to install the rotors for measurements
  • Corrections for each element are generated immediately
  • Precise alignment (0,01 mm) in range ~150 - 7000mm which is impossible to reach using other methods
  • Correct alignment of bearing shells without installing the rotors
  • Detection of deformations and ovalization of elements
  • Optimal choice of centerline for the whole machine units with minimal correction values for each element
  • No error in laser measurements due to second control sensor monitoring & correcting any laser drift


Thanks to the software, the system is able to eliminate mistakes caused by poor quality of measured surface or geometrical mistakes (ovalisation, deformation) of measured elements. Extensive user interface combined with modulus bracket guarantees the realization of measurements on the opened and closed elements (Tops on / Tops off).



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