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Diagnostics and Balancing
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Diagnostics and Balancing

Diagnostic - important tool

Making appropriate and optimal decisions during life of machine requires good knowledge about it actual technical condition. It has a big significance not just during normal work, but also when planning of time and range of repair. An essential instrument supplying such knowledge is an analysis of dynamic state of the device, which allows keeping technical condition of the machine in definite norms. In case of exceeding those norms it allows planning and carrying out proper operations.

From our experiences arise that mostly, when vibrations exceed acceptable norms, it is enough to do the balancing of rotation shafts. As a rule such operation brings measurable benefits, which cause vibration's decrease and as further consequence longer life of the machine. We specialize in bearings balancing, but the size and type of the device is without meaning. It is quite obvious that we are proud most of balancing turbosets, but of course smaller machines requires similar knowledge as well.

We propose optimal solution that results from modern methods we are using such as collecting data before an overhaul, controlling of assembling process during an overhaul and supervision of start up of machine and it's test motion.

Based on our analyses, it is possible to prepare a schedule of the work necessary including essential overhauls, which can result in reduced costs of the whole repair works. The applied methods allow to early detection of damage or reasons, why a machine is not operating properly.

List of the typical problems found:

  • Mass unbalance
  • Eccentric rotor
  • Bent shaft
  • Misalignment
  • Resonance
  • Mechanical looseness/weakness
  • Rotor rub
  • Wear/clearance problems in sleeve bearings
  • Oil whirl instability
  • Rolling element bearing problems
  • Hydraulic and aerodynamic forces
  • Cavitations problem
  • Gear problems

Vibration measurements of all turbine types

Regarding vibration measurement we offer full scope of measurement tasks essential to evaluation of turbine condition before overhaul, during start up/shut down and in emergency states.

If necessary we perform one or multiple plane balancing on nominal revolution as well as static and dynamic balancing on flexible support.


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