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Benefit from our knowledge and experience!

Even the most modern equipment without proper knowledge of service personnel can not fulfill its tasks. Therefore our company offers very wide range of trainings. Those trainings are part of our offer so our customers can receive complex pack of solutions. Trainings are very valuable, because they are provided by our highly qualified specialists who work every day in the service department.
We base our trainings mainly on qualifications and practical knowledge.

From a very beginning our training "Basics from machine diagnosis" is very popular and gathers many people. This training is mostly oriented for those people who work in such departments as diagnosis, maintenance of traffic as well as repair service.
Training consists of three different modules and each takes one day.

Programme of training :

  1. Theory of vibrations and bases of diagnosis
    • Theoretical bases of vibrations
    • Different kinds of machines and methods of bearing them
    • Measuring places that are important form the diagnosis point of view
    • Typical measuring quantities
    • Basic information about machine diagnosis
    • Most common cause of bad dynamic condition
    • Discussion of problem concerning transient states
    • Practical problems concerning diagnosis
    • Evaluation of vibrations, standards.

  2. FFT analysis and basic evaluation of rolling bearings using Shock Pulse method
    • Basic analysis of vibrations
    • Information that can be obtained form vibration analysis
    • Examples of analysis
    • Bases of Shock Pulse theory
    • Application of Shock Pulse in rolling bearings diagnosis
    • Practical workshops.

  3. Balancing - theory and practice
    • Theory
    • Different kind of unbalance
    • Balancing methods
    • Practical workshops

We offer as well trainings concerning laser measuring systems. The main subject of those trainings is adjusted to specific needs of every our customer.

    Every training has two formulas:

    • stationary - realized mostly in Wroc³aw
    • outdoor - realized on customer's site

After the course every participant receives certificate about completion of training.


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