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Shaft alignment
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Shaft alignment

Shaft / coupling laser alignment

PRUFTECHNIK-WIBREM provides full support in laser shafts alignment using the highest technology laser equipment from Prüftechnik and experienced employees. The machine alignment with PRUFTECHNIK-WIBREM stops to be time-consuming work.

Even small expenses made in order to maintain a proper machinery working, in the short term pay back in failure free work, lengthening vitality and longer periods between overhauls.

Alignment pays !

Compute how much you can save by correct alignment of your machines.


We can align all types of rotating machines:


Our measurements are performed with precision of 0.001 mm, the results however are presented with precision of 0.01 mm. The maximal shaft distance (length of the surrogate shaft) is 10 m. The minimal shaft rotation angle is 60°. It is not necessary to rotate both shafts during the measurement.

During alignment we are providing machine feet corrections taking into consideration machine manufacturer recommendation regarding alignment condition in cold state, alignment tolerances etc. If there are no recommendations then we propose alignment tolerances table recommended by Pruftechnik basis on machines rotation speed and couplings diameter.

We are using precut shims made from high-quality stainless steel available in four machine foot sizes, each in eight different thicknesses to provide just the right alignment correction for almost any machine.

Form each alignment job we are providing full report containing as found and as left alignment condition.

As left report As found report

If you want to find more about laser shaft alignment see here .


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