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Shaft alignment
Bore alignment
Flatness and straightness
Displacement monitoring

Flatness and straightness

Flatness and straightness

PRUFTECHNIK-WIBREM offers flatness and straightness laser measurement of any surface.

We can measure:

  • Machine foundations
  • Bed plates & tables
  • Circular & rectangular flanges
  • Machine half casings
  • Crane slewing rings
  • Thrust race of a large bearings
  • Platen press;
  • And many others

Measurements are carried out with LEVALIGN® - laser measurement device from Prüftechnik. Measurement accuracy is better than ±0.02 mm/m (mils/inch) and measurement range reach 20 m ( 65 feet ).



Flatness measurement of turbine casing parting face.

Flatness measurement of circular flange

Flatness measurement of Diesel engine.


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