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Printing houses

Continuous displacement monitoring

Principe of measurement

PARALIGN® is a new roller alignment system which - for the first time - uses inertial measurement technology in the form of three high precision laser-gyroscopes.
  • forget about optical systems (Theodolites, rayon laser, mirrors, etc..)
  • Forget abut geometrical elements (Leleveling, comparing, rule, etc.)

Solution :

  • three perpendicularly arranged, highly-precise ringlaser gyroscopes as used in aircraft and spacecraft.

The measurement principle of the ring laser gyroscope is based on two laser beams that are deflected by three mirrors along a triangular route.
The PARALIGN® housing contains three high-precision
laser-gyroscopes .

Advan ced PARALIGN® measurement r e port is easy to interpretat e and imm ediately available .

  • Set - up takes only a few minutes
  • Ready to measure immediately
  • Resolution of 4µm/m (4µrad) !!
  • Compact dimensions, low weight
  • Graphic measurement report + documentation
  • Patented 'Sweep' measurement procedure fits all roller diameters


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