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Emergency Diagnostic
Periodical Measurements
Bearing diagnostic


One or two-planes balancing

Rotors balancing may be performed in few ways:

  1. Static balancing of rotors on "horses" in workshop conditions
  2. Static balancing of rotors in machine own bearings, in customer plant
  3. Dynamic balancing of rotors in own bearings, by nominal revolutions
    Balancing is one of the basic activity realized by our company. We successfully perform balancing on each type of machines, like small units such as fans, blowers etc. and big units such as steam turbines and generators of different power, electric motors.
    Regarding to turbine balancing we specialize in 200MW units made by LMZ also these modernized ones and turbines type TK-120. Due to our great experience gained from many balancing services, we are able to perform balancing of NP rotors of TK-200 and TK120 units and also generators of TK- 120 in 1-2 days depending on conditions on site.
  4. Balancing of turbine rotors on flexible supports by reduced revolutions in workshop conditions.
    These works are carried out on special constructed balancer with bearings based on special matched rubber supports.
    Such support ensures a big sensitivity of system and getting the resonance of turbine rotor by revolutions not bigger than 250RPM, which is enough for reduction of static and dynamic unbalance.
    Our experience in that balancing method enables to achieve a big accuracy in balancing, below class 2.5.

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