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About Us

Benefit from our knowledge and experience!

PRUFTECHNIK-WIBREM Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1999 as a service company, which as fully independent company provides high tech maintenance services for all worldwide known OEM’s and independent service providers in the field of laser alignment and condition monitoring.
PRUFTECHNIK-WIBREM joins the newest world measurement technologies with overhauling and assembling experience.

PRUFTECHNIK-WIBREM is mainly a service company which using its experience, knowledge and the latest technologies guarantees to provide the highest level of professional service required by your company.
Due to the professional service we provide, our customers can avoid any unexpected breakdowns and we can make the machines work with maximal efficiency and any failures will be a thing of the past.
PRUFTECHNIK-WIBREM main speciality is laser alignment of machines and diagnostic service.

Our laser alignment services include following:

  • shaft and coupling laser alignment
  • laser alignment of turbine internal elements
  • measurements of parallelism of rollers or other structures
  • vertical shafts laser alignment in water turbines

Our diagnostic service specifies machine condition using such characteristics as:

  • vibrations and frequency analysis
  • parameters of rolling and slide bearings condition
  • vibrations change in period of time
  • quantity of static and dynamic misbalancing

Our customers as a result of the periodical measurements and emergency work carried out by our company, can be saved from any unexpected failures and some financial losses.
We carry out servicing work in such areas as the power, heating and building engineering sector, together with the sugar, paper, textile and steel industry.

Except the service activity we also deal with the sale of Pruftechnik products. As the authorized representative of Prüftechnik AG, we sell the wide range of products offered by this world leader in the production of laser alignment and diagnostics systems. We offer both vibration measurement devices and laser alignment systems and also provide the guaranty service. Thanks to proven high quality and functionality, Prüftechnik products are well regarded by many companies on the world. More information you can find on: www.pruftechnik.com


In these few years of our activity we gained many customers not only in Poland but also in other European countries and in Asia .

Thanks to our knowledge and experience many turbines and other machines all over the world, work without any failures. So far, we have provided our service in following countries: Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Turkey, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Russia, Finland and also in Japan, China, Korea, India, Pakistan .

We service the world regarded power engineering companies including ABB, ALSTOM, GENERAL ELECTRIC, SIEMENS, TOSHIBA.

In Poland we provide laser alignment and vibration service for many companies from mainly power generation and heating sector and also the sugar, paper and steel industry. We succeeded with our service in almost all power plants in Poland and also a great number of sugar plants, we also contracted several regular diagnosis services .

We are proud to cooperate with such important and large companies as KGHM Polska Mied¼ S.A., ZE PAK Holding, Stomil-Olsztyn, Can-Pack, Pfeifer & Langen group and many others.

We are looking forward to successful cooperation with you, please see the scope of services we offer and we hope it encourage you to mutual collaboration resulting in more efficient and reliable operating of your machines.


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